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统计局:7月CPI同比上涨2.1% 居住类价格同比上涨2.4%

深圳加快建立多主体住房供应体系 说明

苏宁入驻重庆农村电商市场 年内建成100家服务站

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1.5月北京二手房成交量走高 6月限价房供应量将出现井喷
2.房企寻觅新融资模式 信托公司谋转型
5.深圳启动节能减排扶持计划 LED企业最高可获1500万资助


1. adj. 投影的,投射 v. 投射(project的过去
2. The highest scoring tournament: 1994 in theUnited Stateswhen 24 teams averaged 2.97 over 52 matches.
3. It was all work, work, work for the BBC Culture team and parties, alas, were few and far between. But the rest of Cannes was painting the town red. In 2013 we tried to calculate the amount of champagne consumed at the festival by contacting Piper Heidsieck, “the official drink” of the festival, but they declined to comment – though judging by the merry faces and staggering gaits of some on the Croisette, it's safe to assume a colossal quantity. At the party for Matteo Garrone's Tale of Tales on the first weekend, the champers flowed freely and the revellers stayed on until the early hours. When the BBC's Rebecca Laurence spoke to one of its stars the following morning and asked how many hours sleep he'd had before their interview, he simply narrowed his bleary eyes and held up two fingers.
4. Bangkok's back!
5. 《银河护卫队2》
6. Drivers of China's online ride-hailing services will be required to hold a license by passing exams in November.


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1、公积金松绑接棒释压 房价下跌动力趋缓
2、武汉首批“大学生八折房”发售 千余学子摇号
3、楼市回暖明显 全年楼市成交面积都增长4成以上
4、北京:马家堡西路与角门路之间 城中村拆一半又搭窝棚收废品